A Brief Overview of the Laravel Ecosystem


Before getting to know about the framework itself, it is crucial that we all thank Taylor Otwell and his team of brilliant developers for introducing Lavravel into the world of technology. According to the makers of Laravel, it is now best defined as “The PHP Framework For Web Artisans”. But how can we properly define the framework, which in many ways in ruling the tech world?

Since the moment of its inception, Laravel has been able to become the “talk of the town” among the most skilful and popular developers all around the world. This was mainly because of the development of web applications using this framework is immensely easy to understand and execute. The Laravel PHP framework is also characterized by an expressive and elegant syntax.

Laravel has gained unsurmountable popularity because of four of its main characteristics, speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness and intuitiveness. In addition to all this, it also excels in providing security features like encryption, active user checking, Bcrypt hashing and resetting of passwords.

Whenever you think about spending money on Laravel development services, you need to remember that even though it is an uncomplicated network, it was originally created for PHP app development and it has a robust design. Moreover, it lets developers optimize the entire development process.

Before diving more in-depth into the Laravel ecosystem, it is important to get informed in brief about how your business can be benefited if you took the decision to hire Laravel developers.

Benefits of Choosing Laravel for App development

  • Time and Cost Saving

The MVC framework of Laravel makes sure that web applications are developed at an accelerated rate. Just as a Laravel development company reduces the overall time of development, the amount of money spent on the project gets experiences a reduction as well.

  • High-Quality Performance

How can you judge if an application is of good quality? By checking the performance of it. Putting to use the simple development process, powerful web applications can be developed.

  • Top-Notch Security

When you spend money and time on the development of an application, security is bound to be your topmost priority. Laravel, using its in-built security features ensures that your app is safe from all kinds of security threats.

Now, let’s take a look at the most popular Laravel ecosystems.

Most Popular Laravel Ecosystems

  • Laravel Nova – Boosts your productivity

It is a single-page application which sleek and uniquely designed. Laravel developers are responsible for designing its administration panel. The Nova dashboard is also configurable, because of Laravel’s simple PHP coding.

Following are a few critical features of Nova:

Filters – As far as resource indexes go, you can let the users have a look at various data segments, by composing custom filters. You can achieve the same purpose by using the integrated filters.

Resource Management – With Nova you have the liberty to adjust the polymorphic data. Nova is characterized by a CRUD interface which is considered to be the best option for Eloquent models. Nova has the ability to work with different kinds of eloquent models.

Metrics – Laravel Nova comes equipped with the ability to display custom metrics for any specific application. You just need a few seconds with Nova to create different types of graphs.

Custom Fields – In order to find a field type, which is originally not present in Nova, you must rely upon the Nova CLI. You have the freedom to design this field and ultimately implement it, without any hassle.

Authorization – The authorization policies that Laravel as a framework makes use of are integrated deeply with Nova. In addition, Nova resources allow you to identify the abilities of a user by leveraging application policies.

  • Laravel Horizon – Manages queues

After you have chosen a Laravel ecosystem for your projects, the best way of managing your queues is by relying on Horizon. The process of configuring it is very simple, and it lest you have control over Redis queues. This is one of the integral tools of Laravel, which helps professional developers to configure and monitor queue processing.

Moreover, developers are able to create attractive user interfaces with the help of Laravel Horizon. This feature is available free of cost.

Now its time to know a bit about Laravel environments.

Laravel Environments

There exists two major Laravel environments, that you must know about. One of these is a pre-packaged Vagrant box and the other one id available locally on Mac OS

Laravel Valet – Here the developers need to selected the directory in which they have kept their projects. This also ensures that the OS is booted as quickly as possible.

Laravel Homestead – This development environment is not just limited to macOS users. It works properly in both Linux and Windows systems. It consists of Composer, Node, Git and PHP 7.1.

Finally, to understand the Laravel ecosystem, it is vital that know about the features which differentiate Laravel from other frameworks.

How is Laravel Different?

Presence of the following features makes Laravel a unique framework:

  • Laravel widgets and the seeding process, which lets developers create an attractive interface.
  • Developers can perform unit testing by making use of the PHP unit.
  • Artisan, an in-built tool, drastically reduces the time needed for complex programming tasks.
  • With Laravel, developers have the option to share databases.
  • The caching system of Laravel allows storage of different objects in a single file. It also guarantees a seamless integration of any web framework with other popular caching systems like Memcached, APC and Redis.

The Bottomline

Developers all around the world have understood the value that Laravel as a framework provides. This is the very reason that it has gained so much popularity in so less time. Pertaining to such a renounce, so many new tools have been added to it as time passed. Developers need to stay updated with all the latest features so that they do not experience any obstruction in the development process. Over the years, the Laravel ecosystem has been adopted by companies far and wide and the major reason for it is the variety of features the framework comes with.